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SeniorSafe can help protect your home from loss even if you sign a fraudulent or predatory agreement

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If you are protected by SeniorSafe, future changes to your home’s title, such as sales and mortgages, will have to go through our system. We are not a broker and do not charge commissions.

We will put legal structures in place that will make it difficult for abusers, predatory lenders, con artists—and anyone they try to sell your house to—to use the courts against you.

Legal agreement

We will require anyone who wants to take title to your home or lend you money against it to verify their identity and make legally binding representations and disclosures. This includes cash purchasers, small private lenders, gift recipients and others who often are exempt from federal and state disclosure requirements.

We will also ask you to name up to three “Reviewers”—people we must inform about any future proposed sales or mortgages. These people must know you well enough to tell us whether you understand the terms of an agreement and whether you might be under duress. Your Reviewers may include your lawyer and your financial advisor.


Your Reviewers do not have to give their permission for you to sell your house or take out a mortgage, but if any of them sees a red flag we will require you to retain a lawyer to represent you in the transaction. We will help you find a lawyer if necessary.

You choose when SeniorSafe’s protections turn on: right away, when you or your spouse reach a certain age, or when one of you precedes the other in death.

SeniorSafe is not a guarantee against fraud, abuse or poor decision making.

You should consult an attorney to help you decide whether SeniorSafe is right for you.