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Reviewer Responsibilities

The Reviewer's Role

The reviewer is a critical part of the Senior Safe home title protections. You are helping the homeowner to avoid losing control of their home title to financial predators. As such Senior Safe will careful vet the reviewers so that they can be depended upon when it is time to review changes to the home’s title.


No attorney-client relationship
No legal advice
No financial or tax planning advice
Not a beneficiary to this contract
Indemnification of SeniorSafe for reporting suspected fraud or abuse

Protections for Reviewer (non-professional)

No legal advice
No financial advice
Scope of Agency: Review and Discuss only.
Reviewer may contact APS …
Right to review materials submitted to SeniorSafe and SHERPA Agreement


Hold Harmless & Indemnification
Reviewer is Homeowner’s agent.
Duty of Honesty
Keep in touch
No conflicts
Prompt reply
Maintain secrecy of credentials

SeniorSafe USA shall not be liable to the Homeowner, Reviewer or Counterparty in any civil proceeding for disclosing the suspected financial exploitation of a Homeowner to a Reviewer or to any financial regulatory agency, law enforcement agency or agency responsible for administering adult protective service laws.

The term “exploitation” means the fraudulent or otherwise illegal, unauthorized, or improper act or process of an individual, including a caregiver or a fiduciary, that—

(A) uses the resources of a senior citizen for monetary or personal benefit, profit, or gain; or

(B) results in depriving a senior citizen of rightful access to or use of benefits, resources, belongings, or assets.