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Protect Your Home

You’ve handled the money for nearly 50 years.
Mortgages. Taxes. Tuitions. Investments.

What happens when you’re gone?

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Protect Your Parent’s Home

Did u know mom’s taking out a line of credit on the house?
What? Why??? She doesn’t need the money.
IDK. Someone told her rates were low.
I’ll talk to her this weekend.
Too late. She signed the papers.

There’s a better way than texting to protect your loved ones.
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Protect Your Family Home

Uncle Eddie is moving in with Mom.
Uncle Eddie hasn’t worked a day in his whole life.
You have a problem.

We have a solution.

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Making the World Safer for Seniors

We can help protect your home from loss, even if you sign a fraudulent or predatory agreement.

No Trustees

No Trustees

No Guardians

No Guardians

No Monthly Fees

No Monthly Fees

A New Concept in Title Protection

We’ve created a tool for you called the Senior Homeowner Equity & Realty Protection Advisory Agreement, or SHERPA for short. Put simply, this is a set of rules that seniors can record onto their titles to control how future title transactions are conducted. And SeniorSafe enforces those rules.


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How it Works

We Freeze You

We “freeze” your title by recording a protective covenant on your title. Once it is frozen, your house cannot be sold, mortgaged or given away until you unfreeze it.

You Set the Rules

You set the rules for unfreezing your title. For example, “Everyone I do business with has to make legally binding disclosures, even small private lenders.” or “If I’m over 75, my lawyer has to be involved.”

We Unfreeze You

 We unfreeze your title only after all your rules have been followed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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