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Protect Your Home

Guard against falling prey to fraud that steals your most valuable asset from you and your family.

The Problem

People are living longer these days.

As we age, some of us will become targets of scammers, greedy relatives, dishonest caregivers, predatory lenders and other bad actors.

A Senior Homeowner Equity & Realty Protection Advisory Agreement (SHERPA Agreement) can help you protect yourself and your home.

Fraud Can Affect Anyone.

Often fraud is discovered too late, if at all.

Bad actors depend upon people taking ad hoc approaches to securing their home deeds.

  • Bad actors are experts in deception.
  • Homeowners, their families, and their friends are typically not experts in security.
  • And bad actors are sometimes the people you trust.

If you can’t trust anyone who might have an interest in your property, who can you can trust? SeniorSafe USA.

Protect Your Title

Our job at SeniorSafe USA  is to be an honest, trusted third party whose only job is to protect your deed.

We have no conflict of interest.

We help to ensure that future transactions involving the title your home are

  •   fair,
  •   honest and
  •   above board.

What makes a SeniorSafe SHERPA Different?

A property title is a set of rules, recorded in a public ledger, in which earlier rules control later rules.

A Senior Homeowner Equity and Realty Protection Advisor (SHERPA) agreement is a set of rules seniors can record onto their titles to control how future title transactions are conducted.

SeniorSafe enforces those rules.

Sherpas Help Seniors Make Safer Decisions
Protecting your home title can bring you peace of mind and protect your family’s generational wealth.
at home

A New Concept in Title Protection

Our patent pending cryptographic protection of your title will ensure that every transaction is transparent and fair.

Identify & Protect

Work with SeniorSafe to protect your home title. A SHERPA covenant will be filed on your behalf by SeniorSafe.

Detect Potential Fraud

Senior Safe will work with you, your lawyer and your family to make sure the details of title transactions are transparent.

Respond & Recover

Even if fraud does occur, your SHERPA protection provides a way to undo deals that didn’t follow the steps needed to ensure transparency and fairness.