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You can’t be there all the time to protect
the people you love. We can.

SeniorSafe isn’t a title monitoring service. We “freeze” a home’s title so it can’t be sold, mortgaged or given away until it is unfrozen. The homeowner set the rules for unfreezing the title, for example:

  • “Make sure my sister sees the contract before I sign it.”
  • “For one year after either of us dies, make sure the survivor has a lawyer.”
  • “If I modify my will after I turn 75, it has to be done through my lawyer.”

Your role as friend, relative or advisor

  1. Review the terms of any proposed sale, mortgage or gift with your loved one.
  2. Ask yourself whether he or she is:
    • Aware: Does she know she is signing over her house?
    • Exercising Judgment: Does she care that her children will no longer inherit it?
    • Acting Independently: Does she appear to be acting on her own free will?
  3. Tick a box to let us know whether you are comfortable with the transaction
    proceeding without a lawyer.
    • Adding anyone to the deed
    • Signing the house over to an investor
    • Reverse and wraparound mortgages

That’s it.

If you see any red flags, we’ll get a lawyer involved.

You are not becoming a guardian. You won’t have to co-sign anything. There are no fees for you to pay.

No Trustees

No Guardians

No Monthly Fees

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