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You can’t prevent your loved ones from coming into contact with bad people, but you can prevent bad people from coming into contact with the titles to their homes.

A SeniorSafe homeowner names up to three relatives, friends or advisors whom SeniorSafe must inform about any proposed sale or mortgage before it may proceed.

Reviewers are not guardians or trustees. They do not have to give their permission for a homeowner to sell or mortgage her home but at least two of them must discuss the terms of the deal with her in advance.

If a Reviewer suspects something might be wrong with the transaction—or with the homeowner—SeniorSafe will require her to retain legal counsel before proceeding.

SeniorSafe will have the right to audit the work of her attorney.

Don’t leave the security of your family’s home up to the goodwill of strangers. Learn how setting up SeniorSafe can protect them today.