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Can you spot the honest lender? No one can.
Introducing cybersecurity for title transactions.

We can’t listen in on our clients’ calls, read their emails, or screen their visitors.
Instead, we stand guard over their titles. SeniorSafe combines a cybersecurity
concept called Defense in Depth with cryptographic and legal tools to protect its
clients’ homes.

With SeniorSafe:

  • Bad actors cannot hide behind LLCs or other corporate entities.
  • Everyone has to follow Reg. Z disclosures rules—even small private lenders.
  • Seniors must be represented by legal counsel in risky transactions.
  • Third parties cannot raise bona fide purchaser or holder in due course defenses without our approval.

If our client names you as a trusted advisor, you will be alerted whenever they go
to sell, mortgage or give away their home. If they sign an agreement without
discussing it with you first, it will not be enforceable.

Together, we can make the world safer for seniors.

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