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Hard to Prevent.

Harder to Detect.

​Hardest to Recover.

Legal Fees
Court Costs
Evidentiary Burdens
Holder in Due Course Protections

Advising your clients to exercise caution is not enough

Neither is warning them to call you before they sign

And if they do get defrauded, they might not ever tell you

A homeowner promises not to modify, alienate, mortgage or pledge the title to her home during her lifetime without satisfying certain conditions, which SeniorSafe promises to enforce.

SeniorSafe records the promise against the title to the client’s home in the form of a covenant. This gives prospective interest holders constructive notice that future contracts for sale, mortgages and other agreements purporting to convey interests in the client’s home are not valid unless SeniorSafe has certified that the homeowner’s conditions have been met, as evidenced by a Certificate of Compliance signed by SeniorSafe.

Buyers or lenders who circumvent SeniorSafe cannot claim to be bona fide purchasers or perfect their interests and purchasers of uncertified promissory notes cannot claim to be holders in due course.

We give you the legal and evidentiary tools you need to protect your clients.